Starting the server

  1. Click on 'Edit Accounts' and add at least one user account; the clients connecting to the server will use these. Click 'Done'.
  2. Enter an IP address range (e.g. From:, To: This will determine what IP addresses are given to your clients.
  3. Choose at least one VPN type, PPTP or L2TP IPSec. If you choose L2TP, enter a shared secret and choose whether or not to store it in the keychain (to store it in the keychain, iVPN must be located in the Applications folder on your hard drive).
  4. Leave the other settings as default unless you know of any specific reason for you to change them.
  5. Click 'ON'
  6. You may be asked for your admin password. This is because the VPN server runs as a system process that needs administrator permissions to change.
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